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Deaddreams style :: Adamas User Adamas
Wall by deaddreamer at Always like his walls, so I decided to try making a style based on some of his more recent walls. Style to be released sometime in the future. 
Shell blackbox
Style Deaddreams 
Wallpaper ddr_0086_21st_century_kaos_1280x960.jpg 

adamas I actually just worked on this style a bit more. The popup is now a lot nicer. I'm planning to release all my styles on deskmod--some of them updated--after bbwinskin is released. That way, I'll be able to mess with the look of the windows, grips, etc . . ..
evolve I'm going to get that wall right now. and Man that style is hella slick can't wait till you release it.
adamas Thanks evolve :) Yeah, it looks slicker now with the popup fixed up. I think I'll post an updated screenshot at deskmod: link
dreamer did you just call the menu a popup? dang ex-litestep users... ;)

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