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Night Children :: Colt_Reaper User Colt_Reaper
Seff the Wolf released a style with this background a while back, I was going to release mine shortly after, but I forgot, 'cause I'm stupid. So here it is. 
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Style Night Children by Colt_Reaper
Wallpaper nightchildren 

auto Nice work ;]
ZPrime That wp is copyright
... someone has ripped the text from the bottom. last i knew it was a members-only shot as well. Just wanted to make sure the author gets his dues.
Colt_Reaper Um dude the at the site on the title bar it say, and i quote, "Free 3d Wallpaper: Children of the Night". That means is that the image is owned by no one! I am free to do with it what i want after i download it. the address at the bottom of the image is just there to remind the person who downloaded it where they got it from. I am sure ZPrime that by someone you were thinking me. So if you would be so kind as to never accuse me of stealling anything ever again! Even tho I am a theif, i dont appreciate being accused of it by someone i dont even know. In conclusion ZPrime if your going to accuse anyone of anything, make sure that what you are saying is correct. YOU DUMB F*CK!

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