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Connectivity :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Long time no submissions from me, so this is my latest, Connectivity, based on the wallpaper of the same name by Homer Yulo link with the artist's permission. You can get the wallpaper plus the read
me (permission) file from link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style connectivity by pitkon
Wallpaper Connectivity by Homer Yulo 

Colt_Reaper Cool. Nice use of grey.
Pitkon Thanx, Reaper :)
Inauro A long time indeed. Nice to see your work here again, Pitkon. Nice style too, btw.
freeb0rn Fat and sexy; 100% pitkon. :) Its nice to see you back.
Pitkon Inauro: Thanx for the comment and the welcome :) freeb0rn: Fat and sexy is my middle name... lmao. Nice to see u again, too :)
dubox nice to see a pitkon style...welcome back, pitkon ;)
Pitkon Thanx, dubox - for the comment and the welcome... :)
thewayofzen dude.. one of your styles was the reason i started making my own. it was so damn hot i had to learn. good to have u back man! great job.
Pitkon Thanx, zen, u honor me. And, boy, learn u did! I really love ur styles; u have a great eye for color and texture...

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