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Sedecrem Blue :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Sedecrem Blue is a blue version of Sedecrem Red, link . Wallpaper is "Umeyama IIC" by homeryulo link with the artist's permission. Homer sent me every variation of his original artwork (there are versions in blue, red, orange, and green, more styles will follow based on
each variation) and I thank him for his time and effort. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style sedecrem blue by pitkon
Wallpaper Umeyama IIC by Homer Yulo 

clovemagic Wow! Very impressive work. I love the way you used the interlaced gradient.
Pitkon Thanx, magic, I appreciate it :)
Colt_Reaper Thats Awsome!
Rev Nothing calls to me as much as blue and black styles do ... I wish I knew why. ~l~
Inauro Really nice work, Pitkon. I especially like the small touches like the different window.button gradients on the active and inactive windows. Good colour choices too.
Pitkon Reaper: Thanx, man! Rev: Lol... I wish I knew why, too... Inauro: Thanx, my friend, I really appreciate it - ur comments and ur eye for details...

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