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selfless self :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This is my latest offering. Its a wall i have been staring at for a few days now and i really like how this turned out. I just hope i did it justice. My slit is visible top center and its set on autohide. Its holding bbfoomp and bbsysmon while bbpager and bbworldtime and bbcalendar are in plain view all the time. The style itself is bbcolor3dcc ready for those who use it. The wall is available here -> link as always, Enjoy! -zen 
Shell xoblite
Style selfless self by thewayofzen
Wallpaper aequitasv22-0_full.gif 

Inauro Beautiful.
Rev I second that. Beautiful, indeed.
winder Wow, most excellent indeed!
clovemagic Perfect fit.
thewayofzen thanks alot gang!

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