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rinzai :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This is the latest. Another one thats darker then i usually would do but i really liked the wall and worked longer on this style then any i think i have worked on so far. I hope you like it. You might notice i changed up my desktop a little bit. For some reason i took a tiny step away from the setup i have used for some time now. Visible in the shot are BBworldtime, BBcalendar, BBsysmon, Multiamp, BBpager. I hope you like it.. i had fun making it. 3dcc included.. (Rev.. your eyes shouldnt mind this one so much) 
Shell xoblite
Style rinzai by thewayofzen
Wallpaper desktops1-0_full.gif maybe? 

freeb0rn me likes
blockhead ooo! This is nice! I like blue. :D Seriously, zen, I know you've been totally jonesing to get a different look. A few of your styles of late sorta had that "OMG I must be different!" look. This one looks differnt, but still looks zen. Nice job man!
thewayofzen linkmirror the wall there.
Inauro Very nice. Reminds me of the classic Chaos style by Artwiz.
elektr1k Yeah, and someone made one for bb as well. Forgot where I found it though. link
Zigge Hey I am new to the whole shell thing and I really like your styles but could you tell me what plugins your using thewayofzen.
Zigge NVM! I didt read the whole thing my bad.

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