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CyberAthlete :: Arc Angel User Arc Angel
Never knew there was such a thing until the hoopla about the Painkiller vs UT2K4 issue. Saw this on their site and... well you can see the rest. Wallpaper available at link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style CyberAthlete by Arc Angel
Wallpaper cpl-gopro1-BLACK.jpg 

Inauro All three new styles are great, Arc. But i especially like this one.
Arc Angel Yes, I always seem to favor the less downloaded ones as well... ;) Thanx Inauro...
multifate are you using bbcalendar?
multifate if so, how did you get your date to draw like that? when i set my date on the left side the words inside are still horizontal
Theo you have to change the font, some fonts can not be drawn vertical....
Theo btw. Arc how come on all your screenshots the cpu usage is 100% :-)
Arc Angel I'm running the United Devices agent in the BG.
Arc Angel re: vertical text... In my experience it seems that fixed fonts won't draw vertical...
cLess-R34 Awesome style, definitely a keeper here. Love the menu look, works well with the CPL logo.
Mr nice. How u put those toolbars status bar there??
Arc Angel Sorry, not sure I understand what you mean... The statusbar on the top of the screen you can change via Ctrl+RightClick or editing the blackbox.rc directly. The stuff at the bottom is BBInterface and BBSysmeter.

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