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zen reborn :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Well after a week and a little of downtime i managed to find my way back. It cost me 100$ that i honestly didnt have but armed with my new monitor here i am. This is my latest offering. Its not something i had lying around .. i made it immediately after hooking up my new toy. hope u all like it. Good to be back. -Zen 
Shell xoblite
Style zen reborn by thewayofzen
Wallpaper Hello_by_RajaMango.jpg devart i think 

Inauro Welcome back. The style looks great.
thewayofzen link wallpaper available there.. if u want it
blockhead nice and blue! Like it :D welcome back dude!
winder Nice wallpaper. The style is nice, except for the a-little-to-small font for my style, but other than that, cool.
Pitkon Excellent style, lovely combination of colors and a great wallpaper. BTW, the wall is by http:/rajamango.devi Was about to ask permission to use/include it in zip, but ur style is so beautiful I see no reason to put out another version... :) Great work, zen!
Pitkon Oops, the link is link
thewayofzen wow.. u guys are wicked nice.. thank you

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