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theblues :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
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Style theblues by cthu1hu

cthu1hu Wow. The compression on all my screenshot submissions has really been sucking ass lately. What gives? The original PNG was only 40k.
doctorfrog nice presentation of variations there. i wonder if it is possible to develop a plugin that could semi-automatically create style variations based on hue...
cthu1hu That would be interesting. Maybe with a configurable pallet. If you go all web-safe primaries it's usually way too contrasted.
cthu1hu Don't know if it's me, but the compression looks way better now. Maybe i'll put down this beer.
Colt_Reaper BEER! You got beer? I want some! Oh yeah nice style and stuff too.
cthu1hu I drink two cases a week now, by myself. That's pretty bad, heheh. What can I say, there's not much else to do where I live.
Inauro Ah, cthu1hu, you're the style suite king. Nice work.
cthu1hu Thanks Inauro -- and everyone else
Pitkon Beautiful package, cthu1hu! I see u like brighter stuff now. It's great!
cthu1hu Thanks Pitkon. Yeah, I adjusted my monitor and realized a lot of my old stuff was too dark.
MrCrowley Awesome, finally found the colour i wanted (Teal).

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