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litmitil 20041027 :: litmitil User litmitil
+ bb4win is running 3 plugins docked to the slit (bottom), which is set to autohide. That is, that bar is only showing because I have my mouse over it for demonstration. The plugins, left to right are:
-bbfoomp (displaying current song playing in foobar2000 on another workspace, mouseover songtitle will display controls)
-BBSysmon (displaying some system stats)
-BBTray (so that I have access to my system tray).
+ blackbox style is deadcode by redcoder modified by me to
-remove the arrows from the workspace change buttons
-align menu text left
-change menu bullets
+ Workspace switching is accomplished using the BBEdgeFlip plugin, which allows me to switch up or down a workspace by moving my cursor 10% of the way along the left or right screen edge (per my settings). This is really fast and slick.
+ I'm not sure from where on DevART the background came...
+ SciTE text editor is showing a script I wrote to automate the backups (copy, compress, name w/date) of various frequently changed directories/files.
+ Visual Style is MiX by -kol 
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