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twoz :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
A while back i let a few members of the community see a really lame picture an exgf took of me as a joke. The next thing i knew i was threatening to create a style from it. That never seemed to materialize. UNTIL NOW! ... A little bit of time ago blockhead sent me an email of a wall he made using that really lame pic. We both talked about it and decided to see how two styles would end up looking using it .. without discussing anything about our work until they were approved. This is it. Enjoy! -ZEN 
Shell xoblite
Style twoz by thewayofzen
Wallpaper zenster_01.jpg by blockhead 

thewayofzen blockheads style is available here link
blockhead cool. you used two purples also :) I'm amazed at how simlar yet how different. BY comparing the two styles you can see how color can drive a style, yet still individual "style" can still make a markedly different effect.
Inauro Nice work on both styles, guys.

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