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BBLeanux :: NightBreed User NightBreed
This is a screenie of the latest BBLean beta running along-side Slackware 10 and Wine. Some may say why, I just said why not. lol.. anyway here it is. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style LindosOS 
Wallpaper LindosOS 

qwilk Actually, I would say: Yeah baby! ;) Back in the days us bb4win devs could honestly say that using bb4win made it easier to migrate to *nix later on, but as the Windows *box branches started to leapfrog its *nix counterparts this argument started to become hollow. But if you can run them on Wine, well... =]
qwilk Hmm, I wonder if that means it will also be possible to run them on ReactOS in a not-so-distant future (as they claim to be working with the Wine team)?
NightBreed It looks as if it will run on any distro of Linux. I have yet to try it on a knoppix or Morphix live CD. I'm not too fond of debian at the moment. But as long as you can use the latest version of Wine it should work on anything. btw All of your plug-ins, works under Linux, just having a difficult time with the first release of Xoblite.
NightBreed Funny thing is.. BBLean under linux is more than likely going to replace KDE for me as a shell. One problem but not a large one is that you have to load a window manager for the apps or you have borderless windows. But it's no big deal. Would be nice to try a special build of one of these branches to see if one could be specially built for linux
Inauro Blackbox was my manager of choice when i was running Linux, and once i returned to Windows i was overjoyed to find BB4Win, BBLean, and Xoblite providing a similar experience. This is almost too funny in a coming-full-circle kind of way. Looking forward to the new BBLean!
qwilk "...just having a difficult time with the first release of xoblite" ...hmm, what about that second release? =]
NightBreed I don't have a copy of the second release, however I would give it a shot. The only problems with Xoblite is that the menus, when going into submenus causes glitches in the menu, the menu still works but some of the text vanishes until it receives a mouse-over. 2nd, it's not providing a desktop layer so anything that gets launched is in fact running however you just can't see the apps. If you want I can email you with a screenshot of this effect.

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