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Thanks to thewayofzen for teaching me how to make styles, although after making this I see that it is strikingly similar to one of his, but I really only made this style in the first place to have something that went with the wallpaper I made. Anyway, thanks thewayofzen! Also thanks to Jesterace becuse I used FFXI as a guide to help me make this, so some elments of it are similar to that style. 
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Style Originals by Enfer Singe

thewayofzen very nice for a first attempt. im impressed. may this be the first of many. welcome aboard!
Jesterace Good job :) we all start with a style and modify it. I did that as well.
Inauro As Jesterace said, we all start in the same place when it comes to making style. This is a great first effort. Hope to see more of your work.
sMs not bad... very small fonts btw =P i need some glasses tor ead that lol ... not bad not bad.. look at my first style link and this is my last style i post link =D
Enfer Singe the fonts probably look small in the screenshot because I am in 1600x1200
sMs thats why =D

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