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3FX :: Pitkon User Pitkon
The theme was based on 3FX suite by danilloOc
link link with the artist's permission. This is the first of a series based on danillooc's excellent work, and the forerunner of a series of "new" Blackbox styles - the Blackbox
T series, as I call it, "T" standing for theme: full packages including, besides wallpapers, bbinterface goodies, like sidebars created just for the specific style, icons and icon-related stuff, fonts where needed, links to relative plugins or the actual plugins, etc. In short, with the Blackbox T series Blackbox comes a step closer to Litestep. Future
themes will also include original desktop menus created with bbinterface, specific for each style, including graphix reminiscing of Fluxbox. 3FX's icons are not included in this package, since the original IP pack file was huge - but u can download it from link In this package you will also find the screenshot
sidebar, created by me, without the icons which u can download from the link above. Many thanx to danilloOc for all his help and co-operation. You can download the full zip file from link and
browse for more styles including wallpapers on my gallery pages, link
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style 3fx by pitkon
Wallpaper 3fx Symbol Wall by danilloOc 

Rev Very slick, Pete.
Inauro As classic and flawless as all your work.
clovemagic Oh my! The very first style I ever used was one of yours, Pitkon. You're still giving me thrills.
Pitkon Thanx a lot, guys, I really appreciate it :)

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