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muse :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This is bb2 again. Its somewhat of a theme i did and can be toggled on and off through the themes menu. It showcases muse. my latest .. rather simple style. In the screenshot you can see the systembar sharing the slit with bbpager and bbanalogex. you can also see bbmultiamp 5 beta in the bottom left. bbworldtime beta in the bottom right. and bbcalendar in transparent background mode up top. top center is bbsysmon.
Figured id show something a little diffferent then my regular setup for those of you who are aching about the double bar. Enjoy! -Zen 
Shell xoblite
Style muse by thewayofzen
Wallpaper ensnare something rather 

thewayofzen unzip this into your themes dir in bb2 and you can use this theme. link. The theme change menu is available with an ALT+ RIGHT CLICK on your desktop btw.
nfok3 Awesome theme zen, I love what you did with the slit and the systembar......
key very cool
qwilk Awesome twoz, although you forgot to edit three items: You need to edit the session.styleFile: and session.menuFile: settings in blackbox.rc to say $CurrentTheme$ instead of $Blackbox$. The rootCommand should also point to the theme folder, i.e. rootcommand: bsetbg -full $CurrentTheme$\back
grounds\ensnare.jpg Other than that, really spiffy - and the FIRST third party theme for xoblite! Thanks! :D
qwilk Hmm, just to explain why, here's the relevant entry from the xoblite changes list: "...please note that a theme does not /have/ to be a fully portable theme with plugins and wallpapers located inside the theme folder. It could be just a copy of your normal blackbox.rc, extensions.rc and plugins.rc - a "snapshot" of a configuration you like, for example." (i.e. that's the reason the paths are not forced to point to the theme folder automatically)
thewayofzen qwilk: fixed and thank you! new archive available.

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