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Sputnik for Blackbox :: Pitkon User Pitkon
This is just a preview of the upcoming Sputnik for Blackbox - port of the famous Litestep theme by treetog, permission pending. It's the first of the Blackbox T styles series - a complete theme with graphix and stuff... It's still in the works... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Sputnik by Pitkon 
Wallpaper Sputnik by treetog 

snkmchnb holy bbinterface, Pitkon!
Pitkon U've said it, snk... :D
sMs u made me remind my litestep period.. =_) nice style..
Inauro For a minute there i thought an Enlightenment screenshot had made its way to crackmonkey-land. Nice work, Pete. But, as snkmchnb said, holy BBInterface!
Pitkon sMs: Thanx, the LS period is still dear to me :) ; Inauro: Now, u give some ideas about Enlightenment themes... lol. Thanx! Holy bbi indeed... :D

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