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I venture a guess that this wont be very popular considering it is pretty much what we are trying to get away from. I just didn't have any inspiration, so I figured why not. I know there are probably a million things I could have done to make it more accurate/cool, but there is the whole time/effort thing involved with that. By the way I am using a tweaked SystemBarEx to make it resemble the normal explorer bar.  
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Style Explorer by Enfer Singe
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Xavier-DL It's nice... I just don't know how you can live without an Address bar on your Explorer window(s), though.
Campbell` choNg O:
blockhead Call me a heathan, but I *like* the blue-and-green color scheme of Windows XP. I will use this style, although I think I'll use a different wall ... maybe a bsetroot. A style like this can provide protective mimicry for people who want to use bb4win on their computer at work. :) Hey: you could take a screen grab of work-related programs running and use that as your wallpaper so it appears you are busy. :D
Jesterace I had thoughts of doing a luna colored bb style dang :P
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