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broken concentration :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This is my latest style. I hope it appeals to someone.
At the same time i imagine ill get "spammer" comments and thats cool. It wouldnt likely look so bad if more ppl in the community were active..
So this is the latest.
Shell xoblite
Style broken concentration by thewayofzen

Jesterace I dig it :)
el capitan the style looks really nice... i just wish i didnt have to use effin xoblite to see it that nice.
auto spammer ;] - awesome color combination, you are really on a roll these days.
freeb0rn awesome
nfok3 I like the way you picked the color for the toolbar and menu font color, bringing such a small portion of the background into the style and amplifying it.... very artistic indeed.
Herbalist Nice, Very Nice... I too like your color combonation. One thing though.....Since I don't belive in Haven , I don't belive in angles....With that said.. I find this Wall very offensive..........
hebalist ^^^^It cut off the rest of my comment.^^^ Like I was saying. I was JOKING about the offensive thing. I really like, and I have a ways to go before my style making skills come close to yours.(Sounded better when it was just one post..sorry)
thewayofzen honestly dude.. i knew u were poking fun even if it was one post. and it was a nice jab.. when i read it i smiled.
thewayofzen i have started a 3dcc file for this style and its looking pretty good. if anyone would like tto get their hands on it let me know... ill happily email itt or make it available for d/l
thewayofzen 3dcc 7825492 6444357 7167821 11908533 6444357 7825492 7167821 789771 0 7825492 8421504 5743564 4932150 7167821 8421504 7167821 789771 5743564 7825492 7167821 5743564 4932150 6049857 4932150 5743564 7167821 5743564 9272164 0 hope u like it

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