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008 :: Smog User Smog
There is something obout this style that i dont like and to be honest i dont intent to find it and fix it ....:) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style 008 (The night REd took over)...... by Smog
Wallpaper I have no idea......... 

snkmchnb i really like the style, just not the wall
sMs smog latino?? anywyas i like ur minimal tastes... whats ru resolution? 400 x 500? =P lol
Smog yup !! latin, mexican to be exact res is 800x600 only thing is i dont really bother in saving jpg images in full that is why all of my screen shoots look lame!! And that is what i din't like obout it, the wall.....:::)
thewayofzen nice work dude keep it up.. nice to see someone posting regularly! looking forword to more..
Colt_Reaper I like it! It pritty!
sMs smog u r the first latin i see in this site... like u r the second latin blackbox user.. of coruse im the ONE the PRO lol .. and u have about that? ask Pitkon... ask him about my alter ego lol BTW HI THERE PITKON
sMS this thing ate my words.... ... i wanted to say and if u have any doubts about that? ask Pitkno ..... anyways bienvenido smog

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