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Rez :: sysboo User sysboo
I have been wanting to make a Rez theme for quite sometime, since its my fave game for the PS2. The problem was I never found a wallpaper I liked. So I scoured the web for images and voila! bbcolor 3dc enabled. You can download style with the wallpaper at link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Rez by sysboo
Wallpaper Rez 

looper I like this question for you did you get the pager and the sysstats plugins to look like they're inside systembarex?
sysboo its pretty simple, they are all loaded in the slit.
looper ok's weird because the systembarex plugin seems to take up the whole width of the slit...if that makes sense. But anyways, I'll take your word for it. :)
sysboo on the bbButton on systembarex, under window\placement\w
idth percent , you can change it's width. mine is 70. my height is 25. I have workspace and inscription disabled. also your plugin.rc must have your plugins listed in the proper order you want them to show in the "toolbar". In the past I have had bbAnalogex in it, with both clock and digital modes and also the commandex plugin and bbbin.

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