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sensehex :: sMs User sMs
my new desktop =D 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style SenseHex by sMs
Wallpaper sensehex by roadkiller modified by me 

cthu1hu Very clean and nothing's over-done. Good job.
Theo connecting calendar with the systembar has never crossed my mind... great idea
sMs thanx.. yeap i like it simple... minimal.. thats me =D im gonna flood this site with my styles!! LOL >=)
sMs like ur plugins.. bcalendar roks... look what i v done with ur beta sys meter plug... >=) just mixed with interface labels
Theo from the looks of this one ... could be interesting ...
sysboo yep, this is pretty pimp
jasonm what is that mp3 player? foobar? how did you make it look like that??
sMS yeah is foobar2000.. u need some plugins to make it look like that... link

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