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YingYang :: Herbalist User Herbalist
I got Bored and made a style......Not something I would use but maybe someone likes it. 3dcc included. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Ying-Yang by Herbalist
Wallpaper Got it from DeviantArt 

thewayofzen Dude this wall.. WICKED.. can u email it to me?? ? As for the style.. i have said this before. BEST ONE SO FAR.. i guess thast getting old.. but it truly is my fav of any you have done to date. the sunken bevel on the active window label.. perfect choice. excellent job.. email me the wall :)
ZenLC Dang - I agree with TWOZ. That is one Wicked wall. Good job. I'd kinda like to have that one too...please?
nfok3 Wow, the characters on the wall were drawn by the Magna Carta artist, weren't they? Quite a rarity.... I can never seem to find such good pictures. Nice style, it really works well with the wallpaper. Only thing is.... I'd like to see some black on the style =P
dataleap Awesome wallpaper! The style is very nice too!
Herbalsit WOW!! Glad you guys like it. :) Here is the Wall link
cthu1hu Great style and 3DC.
thewayofzen its been mentioned before that different authors interpret walls differently and often times the styles that result can be really interesting.. i played around with some of the colors in this wall myself and came up with this link Quite similar in some aspects i guess.. partly because there arent THAT many different colros to work with really. The black dress .. too dark. the skintones.. though nice on the girls.. really turned me off stylistically.. EITHER WAY. might release after herbalists great style finishes its stay on the front page. Thanks for the inspiration herbalist. keep up the good work. (if anyone wants style early let me know ill email to ya)
Herbalist lol I like your's better...Good Job man!

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