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sMs mium mium.. delicious... very nice.... -_- im almost jealous lol
Itellya love the styles and the 3dcc - any link to the wall, didn't see it in the zip or on the DA page anywhere
The Wizard_69 Thanks very much, you can find the wall here - link
sMs Swis721 Cn BT D-Type i need that font... do u have any link?
cthu1hu Doesn't work so good without the font. And no rootCommand? I also did a style for this wall - link
sMs yeap u need the font -_- and ur styles roks too cthuihu
el capitan WANT FONT PLS$@!!$ KTHNX.. no really i got Swis721 Cn BT but i dont have D-Type ;\
sMs cmon a link for the font... -_-
The Wizard_69 Email me for the font, dont have alink for it sorry bout that.

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