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Gesture :: snkmchnb User snkmchnb
i thought i'd make a style for this wall as well and give my perspective of how it should be :P 
Shell blackbox
Style Gesture by snkmchnb (
Wallpaper YinYang 

frantic Nice strategic menu placement (;
thewayofzen using the flesh tones.. ballsy.. nice work dude.
ZenLC My favorite interpretation :)
sMs this one is the best.... but maybe the border should be less darker.. thats all... BTW the other interpretations ar really good too =)
elektr1k Another great interpretation of the wallpaper. Though personally I think the style should have more ... black, cause of the girl on the right. But then again, it might look weird.
Herbalist Good Work with the flesh tones. I like Zen's the best though.
thewayofzen i think its funny that it has to be a better best thing. i personally see strengths in all three. Snks being the most well rounded. Herbalists being bang on colorwise and proof of his steady improvement as a style author.. and mine.. i dunno. it smells good i guesss ;) Either way., IMO there is room for all three and honestly i welcome more if anyone else took a crack at this :)
snkmchnb i really don't think that it's a better or best thing, but rather as different variations or "preference" as it were. while Herbalist's is a little too flat for me and thewayofzen's has the depths and gradients down, it doesn't have enough color in it. that's just how i look at it.
Herbalist We should do this more often........take one wall and see what kinda of styles people can make around it.
riki I agree with herbalist! that is a wonderful idea. most of the top bb themes that get a compliment.. seem to be the ones that have a wall that everyone has taken a liking to. such as this one. as far as the ones in question (this one) I feel they are all good!! when it comes to art there is nothing that is THE BEST., since it all "... in the eye" however, like a wall, there may be one more popular than another.. but they are all good. IMHO :-)

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