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Through_a_Glass_Darkly :: clovemagic User clovemagic
My first crack at a fractal wallpaper with matching BB style. The tool and systembars are set to autohide, but systembarex is showing for the screenshot. This looks best late a night in a very dark room. ;) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Through a Glass Darkly by clovemagic
Wallpaper through_a_glass_darkly_by_clovemagic 

clovemagic I just downloaded my screenshot, and I am disappointed to discover that the "antiqued gold" color appears much less saturated than it does on my desktop. It's not supposed to be so gray. :(
clovemagic What I'm trying to say is I guess the style has to be downloaded to get the actual effect. Includes a 3dcc file, btw.

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