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Lost-Atlantis :: Ygo User Ygo
My first style i dare to show :p 
Shell blackbox
Style Lost-Atlantis by Ygo
Wallpaper bloxx_by_reap.jpg (deviantart) 

Theo nice.... but i would set the style of some plugins so that they are green (or what is that color) instead of blue.... because right now the menu has 3 colors and everithing else only 2
sMs ey theo.... any news about ur plugins? =D
Theo sorry..... im currently in my last year on my university and i have so much work that i have no time to work on plugins....
sMs its ok.. have a good finals... but dont quit us... we need u =D
juztin what messenger is that? i want my messenger to look like that!!!
C_Bass It's Miranda, but how did you get the transparent back?
Ygo well, actually regular windows do have two colors too with higlights :p for miranda i'm using tweakui plugin (link

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