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TheQuux's setup :: Dan Hirsch User Dan Hirsch
All my own stuff. I've got 4 plugins running: multiamp, bbPlayer, bbAmpTitle, and bbInterface, and of course, the standard bbLean stuff. As soon as I find a place to put this wallpaper, I'll post it (yeah, it is a bit hypocritical: I've got an über-linux background on my Windows desktop..), or you can e-mail me and I'll send you the bkg. I could also send the bbinterface thing, which just lets me set the wallpaper to whatever, in whatever format. Even the icons for that are my own.

Oh, about the title for the wallpaper, it's a joke. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Dawn by snkmchnb
Wallpaper Tux with kernel snippets, no. 1. 17" CRT. 

ZenLC Good music ;).
juztin nice! btw, link
Dan Hirsch Oops. I made the skin using the bbStyleMaker utility; it shares nothing in comon with Dawn, except for the fact that that's what I was using before I made this one. The only difference is the style info; if you want the rael info, I'll send it to you.
namuan Am I the only one that thinks most of these on here are ugly? Don't take it personal. Colors could use some tweaking

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