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my favorite tshirt :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Another style done to match a poof tile.
Its greyscale and clean as heck. Hope it suits someone out there. 3dcc included. want the tile? email me ill happily send. Enjoy! -Zen 
Shell xoblite
Style my favorite tshirt by thewayofzen
Wallpaper scuffedcement.png tile by *poof* 

Herbalist Very Nice and well done!!!! Question..........Wh
at are you using ti display your song info......upper right?? Thanks
thewayofzen samurize :) thx :) :)
Herbalist Ahh Thanks!!
Skwire One word....soothing.
Rev This is almost as good as the sepuku style... almost. Heh.
auto I think this is the best greyscale style ive ever seen, awesome work.
juztin how do you get your xchat skinned? bbwinskin just ignores xchat for me, and i've checked, it's not in the exclusions.rc file :(
thewayofzen i use the latest version of xchat build.. its 2.4.1 some dude compiled the source for windows and is giving it out free cause its now a pay version in windows.. if u want the link let me know ill send it to u. only problem was i had to redefine some colors it doesnt have the default black background...

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