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reverend_contest_bh :: blockhead User blockhead
This style was made for a contest started by Reverend. Fonts used are good for bblean/bb4win on the windows side. Not my usual color scheme but it goes with the wall. Wall is at link

Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style reverend_contest_bh by pcc aka blockhead
Wallpaper kate_beckinsale01.jpg 

el capitan the styles for these are ok... but imo the wallpaper really sucks.
Rev This one is a different approach. No real emphasis on the pinkish/peach color in the top left area of the wall. It makes for an interesting contrast. ~nodnod~ Good job, Blockhead.
juztin i'm diggin it....god, i gotta figure out how to make one of those winamp controllers.

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