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LoveMacs :: Arc Angel User Arc Angel
Can't seem to get enough of Mac Wallpapers, love the colors and the style just fell into place. Wallpaper by Happymisery at link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style LoveMacs by Arc Angel
Wallpaper HM_We_Love_Macs_Wallpaper_by_happymisery.jpg 

Xavier-DL Mmmmm, Journey. :)
Inauro Classic colours and layout. Really nice work.
Arc Angel Thanks guys, I was really pleased with the way this turned out...
newbie(im serious) can one of you email this to me along with the calender plugin and that system info plugin ... i saw this a while ago and cant find those 2 plugins anywhere ... also what plugin is that for winamp ... can you send that too im a real noob sorry for the trouble...
Arc Angel E-Mail sent...
Arc Angel Just dawned on me what Xav was talking about - Note to self: don't answer messages when half asleep.. :(
Xavier-DL Haha... S'ok. :)

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