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N2 :: Theo User Theo
did some coding on the bbanalogex 1.5 ... what do you think? 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style black&white 
Wallpaper from Resident Evil: Dead Aim 

crowmag oooooooooooooo... multiple time zones :D Will you make the beta available soon?
Theo beta should be available soon... the plugin works quite well... but the configuration isnt user friendly right now
sMs looking nice =D
C_Bass What is that network traffic monitor you got there? Is that some new wizardry on your BBSysMeter plugin? Didn't you have plans to implement that kind of monitoring for that plugin? That would be great of you did. I am dying for a replacement for BBNetState.
laba That network monitor is Bandwith Monitor Pro
Theo i was trying to add a network monitor to the bbsysmeter plugin.. but it works not properly ... but i will get back to it sometime
Pitkon Kudos for being always creative, theo! Excellent work on bbanalogex!
Theo thanx.. you havent seen what i`m planing for bbcalendar 1.2 :-)

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