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Shadowdancer :: Adamas User Adamas
Another style I'm working on, can't decide if I like it or not. I'll probably end up changing the menu highlight to something else, but I'm not sure yet. Opinions/Suggestions/etc . . . Oh, I have no idea where I got the wall from, so don't bother asking. Try deviantart or deskmod as I get most my walls there. 
Shell blackbox
Style Shadowdancer 
Wallpaper wallpaper_shiki_1280x1024.jpg by DragonKahn 

auto you may not like it but i sure do. I do agree with you that the highlight needs to be changed, maybe match it to the menu title.
Adamas Yeah, I actually changed that this morning, thanks for the comment. :)
downsouth nice theme. wish you would have uploaded it.
adamas All my styles will be uploaded somewhere when bbwinskin has been released, so I can do a decent job in windowskinning.
dreamer woohoo for shiki on a wallpaper. hmm now I'm really looking forward to the next samurai shodown.

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