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Fight :: Pitkon User Pitkon
This is a new series of Sidebars, the specific one including "drawers" within the wharf frame. The sidebar features a style setter and a wallpaper setter which work, more or less, like the wallpaper viewer originally presented by Theo and now
incorporated in most sidebars/bbi elements. The sidebar also includes an audio player (Blackamp II) and a sound mixer. Also included are the Mission Blue icons by Adam Thornley with his permission. The style is Fight, based on aceman67's wall "In My Dreams" link with the artist's permission.
I have to thank:
1) Richard (Iamriki) link for figuring out how the style setter and the wallpaper setter could work, using Blackbox br0ams.
2) Psychi for creating bbinterface and Grischka, the creator of BBLean, for perfecting it. Grischka was kind enough to solve the icons’ distortion problem when I pointed it out to him and release a new bbi version that works like a dream. Get it from link
3) Adam Thornley for granting me permission to include his excellent Mission Blue set of icons with this sidebar and sending me the 48X48 size which was necessary for the sidebar.
Get the sidebar with the wallpaper and the icons from
The sidebar released with this style is only a version of a series of sidebars I have created – this one with the application “drawers” inside the wharf frame. There is another version, the original sidebar, with the drawers popping out of the
frame, and some others more… futuristic. You can get more help and information about the way the style setter and the wallpaper setter work reading the help file accompanying my first sidebar: link The way to create and use previews is just about the same.One final note: the legendary Blaze is featured as a decorative element on the wharf frame, but is not included in the zip, since I don't have permission. Plus, Blackamp icons are not included because I still don't have Mattahan's permission to use some of his Gant series - replace them with your own! Enjoy!
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style fight by pitkon
Wallpaper In My Dreams by aceman67 

doctorfrog ooh, shiny!
cyb3rj that is very impressive. nice work.

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