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getting minimal :: doctorfrog User doctorfrog
I decided to blow away my bb install completely and start over from scratch, downloading and configuring plugins only as I need them. Result? I'm actually a bit nervous looking at it. I'm so used to having a dozen things to click on that keep me at the PC for another half-hour. A sign that something in me, not my desktop, needs to change. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style zombeh by doctorfrog
Wallpaper bsetrooted 

Pitkon Lol... I know what u mean... Loving hundreds of elements myself, I feel nervous too :D The colors don't match, but they make for a happy go lucky desktop...
doctorfrog yeah, they don't match, but i guess i just got used to it. i just really like the bsetroot, but it is too overpowering to use extensively throughout the style. i welcome any suggestions for alternate color schemes that match, or of course, simply lift the bsetroot and make a style of your own :)
Pitkon Is this a challenge? :D
doctorfrog maybe... ;-)

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