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nforce :: nc-17 User nc-17
here's one i've been wanting to do for ages.

did you miss me? 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style nforce by nc-17 (
Wallpaper bsetroot generated 

crowmag Where the heck you been man? I mean besides out getting a dual monitor setup :)
nc-17 graduated uni in jul 04, then moved back to the us. then got a job, been busy with that for the while. didnt have a pc for a bit as everything was being shipped over. then kinda didnt go back to coding for the longest time. built a new pc and bought an lcd to go with my crt monitor, which is cool. only installed *box again a few days ago. might go back to doing some plugins or something. oh, and styles of course :)
Pitkon One of my all-time fav authors hits again. And it's nothing less than perfect. *Bows* Glad to hear u r back and kicking...
freeb0rn its nice to see you back man.
Xavier-DL And... He's using BBLean!!!
inf3rnal oh man back in action :-) i still use your graveyard style
stanna i love this style. its clean and crisp!! great work!! :)
nc-17 well thank the designer for the style, i just ported it to bb :)
Pitkon BBLean??!!! Just noticed... OH, my, times change...
Xavier-DL Pitkon, I'm glad someone else noticed that too. :)
snkmchnb i did as well..*sigh* am i the only bb4win user left?
Pitkon Cheer up, snk... There are worse things in life... :D
snkmchnb isn't that the truth =D

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