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Hard @ Work :: Pharcyde User Pharcyde
Desktop @ Work needed a little tweaking again... Here's the finished product.. 
Shell xoblite
Style UAC by blackbird
Wallpaper Pdove_1600.jpg from Deviant Art 

qwilk Interresting... multi monitor eh? How does it work? Any glitches? /me has not yet tried xoblite with a multi monitor setup... =]
snkmchnb i've actually been working on a style based on that wallpaper .. just havn't finished it. nice job.
Pharcyde Yeah, I got lucky being in the IT dept here, got some nice 19" Flatscreen CRTs :) I haven't had any issues with it, I had multimonitor setup before in XP. You just have to enable it in your Display settings. Other than that, Blackbox just sees the two monitors as one large workspace.
entropy I can't get menus on my non-main monitor. Only problem I've had.

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