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Light and Darkenes :: pforg User pforg
Inspired by a previous wall and style from a while ago. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Light and Darkness 

sMs damn i love women.. the female body is so perfect... THANX SO MUCH GOD TO CREATE THEM
pHarciDe omg post the wall or email it to me and i'll host it!
pHarciDe found it link
pforg Get out of my way style, there is a wall to grab!
pforg Perhaps I need to move on, post my styles elsewhere.
freeb0rn huh? why do you say that?
thewayofzen another amazing style by pforg. great job! (if you were to move on to post styles elsewhere.. cm would be lacking.. i look forward to seeing your work!) keep em coming
Rev Great work, pforg. The yellow and blue even out wonderfully.
el capitan there a place i can download this style?
Rev What prog is that console? eConsole?
pforg I wouldn't do that, I like this place too much. It is just somewhat irksome to work hard on a style then get hey hot babe comments. The console is, well, console found here [linkI find it works well. The style is here [linkwith my other ones. Also in there is a style template I use which makes for a nice clean style layout. Thanks for the commets.
pforg Ooops well it's those links, but take off the trailing ']" which I somehow managed to append to them.
qwilk Kickass style, though the label/windowLabel/cl
ock textcolor #a9a18f must be faulty, right? (it's barely readable towards the background gradient). Speaking of the hot babes, well, they were pretty hot, so you may want to use bsetroot if you want to avoid the caveman effect in the future... ;)
pforg The hex values for those object very well be wrong. I should load some other stuff, like systembar, before submitting so I can see how the style reflects on stuff I don't use. I am going to have to do that, and will fix it up.
todeskampf superb style
pforg I've adjusted the style's label/windowlabel text color problems quilk pointed out, so it should be complete now. link
pforg I hate it when I typo stuff. link

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