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SandWar :: Theo User Theo
long time nothing from me :-) so .. here is one.. :-) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style SandWar by Theo (,

sMs SUP THEO... i love ur bbdigitalex plugin... here is what i tried... i loaded 2 copies of this plug.. so i can use one for the hour and minutes... (big font size) and the other one i will use it for the seconds.. (smaller size of the font) but.. it idnt work out.... the both plugs loaded will use the same size of font.... do u have any suggestions?? maybe an update for this plug =)..... thanx
Theo i try it .. and i let you know...
Theo i tryed it and i had no problems creating it.. maybe you had both plugins in the same directory... in that case they use the same rc file and it wont work .. .;-)
sMs first... the plugins r placed in the plugins folder but with different names one is bbdigitalex and the second is bbdifitalexsecs.... and about the rc... well blackbox creates the rc by itself...
sMs what should i do??
Theo the both plugins have to be in separate directories.. because the name of the rc is still the same (even if you rename the dll)
sMs ok ill ty that... thanx
sMs ok.. i did this.... i made a copy of bbdigitalex and placed in a fodler called subplugs into the main bblean fodler ... so now i have a plugins folder and a subplugs folder.. of course separeted form each other.... next move.... i changed the name of the new copy plug folder and dll with this one "bbdigisecs". i did not change the name of the rc file... after that i loaded the new plugin... and i tried to change the font size for this new plugin... but when i decrease the size of it.. the first plug (placed on the plugins folder) changes the size of his font too.... what did i do wrong?? help me Theo =P
sMs ok i finally did it... the problem here is.. that i v had to do it by opening rc files and unloading bblean.... cuz if u do it directly the rc files gone wild =P
Theo you know that if you edit the rc using the menu and you have two same plugins you edit both of them
sMs yeah i forgot about that -_-
sMs ey Theo... the clock formating :" %p Current locale's A.M./P.M. indicator for 12-hour clock" does nto work
Theo how to say this... hmmm.. it works ;-)
C_Bass Oh how I long for a network traffic monitor with the customability like that of BBSysMeter. How is that comin' along Theo? It would sure make my year. I could finally customize every aspect of my shell just how I want it! Oh I'm getting all misty...
Theo not good... i havent worked on it for a long time.. currently most of my time im working on improving my graphics skills.. ( link) .. but ill get to it somewhere in the future
sMs desnt work for me... sad
Theo you know.. all the formating are c++ standard.. and i dont implement them.. and every singe blackbox part thet uses them .. uses them in the same way.. so when everything else is working.. this one should too... .. and i currently have bbdigitalex on my desktop and it works.. (AM is there) // i have absolutly no idea why it wont work for you....
sMs i will try again... =) .

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