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Seraphim :: Reverend User Reverend
Hadn't submitted anything in a while, and figured I was due. ~chuckle~ And lookie, lookie. It's not all dark and forboding and stuff. ~gasp!~ 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Seraphim by Rev. Lucifer (
Wallpaper seraphim.jpg 

crowmag ...but I like dark and forboding, lol. Looks good Rev.
snkmchnb as do i =D anyway, you hit the gradients well, excelent job there... not real big on the wall though.
Rev Well.. yeah.. so do I. ~lol~ I'll whip up one of those later... eventually. ~l~ ............... And yeah, that reminds me.. I didn't do up a bsetroot bg for it.. Oops.
beloved can i get a link to the wall please?
Rev The wall - link
Raum Great style, I really like it.

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