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effort :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This style kicked my ass. it took forever to get it to loook the way it did.. and im not even sure if it turned out okay. Part of me is questioning it and part of me really likes it. It came to look this way with the help of some of #bb4win (fatman nc17 freeborn and jesterace) who were kind enough to contribute comments as i progressed to what you are now seeing. I hope someone likes it. Enjoy!
Shell xoblite
Style effort by thewayofzen
Wallpaper bsetroot 

ZenLC I like it! High contrast, simple and elegant.
clovemagic Your ass may have been kicked, but this style rocks my socks. Looks like I'm going to have to get more experienced with bsetroot. Thanks!
Malnilion Your gradients are awesome and everything melds together very well. Nice color combinations that aren't the most common (or the easiest to do).

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