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StreetLight :: Monkeh_T! User Monkeh_T!
Hello there; as you may have seen from my chatbox post >> , im a new face and Im looking forward to being part of the community.

This is my first style for BlackBox - Using the Streetlight wallpaper as inspiration I created something that was clean and minimalistic to match the style. It works brilliantly on both Xoblite and BBlean, allthough I prefer using the latter.


Stats and amp titles stuff is all custom samurize stuff.
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Streetlight_by_Shotmonkey 

snkmchnb really nice work for your first style, welcome :)
Inauro Nice work. Welcome aboard.
clovemagic I like this very much, especially the interfaced titles. Well done, and welcome.
Monkeh_T! Thanks :P
Monkeh_T! The upload dont seem to have worked so here are the files : link
Excellent design, I love the contrast. But, could you list the plugins you have? Thanks!

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