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Aybu :: M4uR1g10 User M4uR1g10
I was browsing deviantART looking for some inspiration an that's the result! Enjoy! =P

Font can be found here: link
Wallpaper here: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Aybu by M4uR1g10
Wallpaper Aybu_Aqua_1_by_pascalmabille.jpg 

Pitkon Soft, pal colors, and a great sidebar. I like its layout, plus the iconoclastic fact that it's on the left... lol. Keep it up!
M4uR1g10 ehehe tnx alot Pitkon!!! (damn the style name was mistyped again am i cursed by some mystical witchcrafts??? =) )
looper It all comes together really well. Nice work!
M4uR1g10 looper I love you :*...ahah...tnx!!! ;)
jeff nice! I like flat styles!
M4uR1g10 Yeah! flat is better!! *** WARNING *** this isn't a valid rule for women's chest! =P

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