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Bilog Supreme :: Pitkon User Pitkon
A new sidebar, based on the wallpaper "Bilog Supreme" by Homer Yulo link with the artist's permission. I have already done a blue version which can be found at link but this wallpaper is if not the best technical wall I've seen lately, then one of the very best. The sidebar is still a work in progress, based on ceeslans' 2001 "Foxfire" theme for Litestep. Will release it as soon as it is completed and after I get ceeslans' permission. Get the wallpaper and the style file from link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Bilog Supreme by pitkon
Wallpaper Bilog Supreme by Homer Yulo 

M4uR1g10 yeeeeeeeeah!
Pitkon Lol... I guess u like it, then... :D
M4uR1g10 No you're wrong! It sucks!!! ahaha...just kidding ;)
Pitkon :rofl:
clovemagic Wow! Oh my! That sidebar leaves me speechless. I can see I'm going to have to get busy.
crowmag WoW! now that's Heavy Metal! The style's another keeper for me that youv'e done. Actually, I've learned quite a bit from your styles. While I've gotten away from skinning with images, I must say that sidebar looks pretty dang cool. Lotta work tho.
sMs i see u still using ur 640x480 screen resolution =D
Pitkon Clove: Glad u like it. I'm working with bitmaps now, tho purists will call me heretic... lol. Crow: Thanx, man, u honor me. Yes, the sidebar needs lotsa work yet... Will implement some things never tried before... SMS: 640X480? Never used that reso, my friend. This is 1152X864 on a 22'' monitor...
sidewinder another awesome creation pitkon! did you used bbinterface to create your side bar? or is it another program?
Pitkon Sidewinder: thanx! No, this is bbinterface... Using original bmps I managed to offer something new for Blackbox... Even the winamp buttons work perfectly well... I will release the full script in the near future - I have already added a style steer and a wallpaper setter...
M4uR1g10 I decided to try the style myself...well awesome :D...a little question...when i click the windows buttons they turn that a little mistake??
Pitkon U mean the text, right? U r right... Don't know what I was thinking... Thanx for telling me!
M4uR1g10 Paypal rewards are always welcome! €_€

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