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hero :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This style was made with the above wall in mind. But i eventually enjoyed it much better with a solid bsetroot of a simple shade of grey. If anyone wishes to have the wall i got it at the marvel comics website. Ill happily email it. The bsetroot image can be found link for those who wish to take a look at it that way.
Hopefully it will appeal to someone. Enjoy! Zen 
Shell xoblite
Style hero by thewayofzen
Wallpaper some bookbag wearing superhero 

Skwire Love it. Nice work, Zen
Pitkon The jpg quality lets u down, but this is great work, Zen!
Inauro Agreed, nice work, Zen.
Herbalist Very nice zen!!
thewayofzen thanks guys :) much appreciated!
blockhead I love the colors. Is it me or do his goggles look like two fried eggs? :D
looper I'm surprised that wall is from Marvel. It looks so DC. Even if it didn't look like Blue Beetle. :)

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