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Lonely :: Herbalist User Herbalist
I have a hard time being inspired to make Styles lately. Well I found this wall that I have had for awhile, so I decided to make a Style for it. It is not the best that I have done, but I think it turned out ok. Anyway hope someone likes it. Enjoy!!! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Lonely by Herbalist
Wallpaper LonelyBlue 

stanna hey dude., i love this style! if possible i would like to get your script/config for the bottom right of the screen, i would love to have that exact setup on my system. cheers! can email it to me :)
Herbalist All it 1- BBCalender, 2- BBSysmon, 3- BBiconBox (holding my tray icons) 5- Mutiamp, 6- BBFoomp 7-BBInterface ( Volume control and icons), 8- BBPager.... All put into the Slit. It would be easier for you to download the plugins and put them into the Slit, Rather than Have me Email it to you. I could be wrong, if so I'll try to Email it to you :) BTW.....glad you like it. :)
Pitkon One of the coolest solid color styles I've seen... Great work, Herb!
tellya awesome work, would love to use it with the wall, any idea where you got it? Or even better a link maybe :)
Herbalist Thanks guys! Try for the wall.

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