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I was playing with bluebox again this morning. its really starting to show promise. SowWn has been working his tail off at making it about as true to nix fluxbox as possibly could be. Anyway im reissuing this style simply because he had mentioned he liked it.. and the old version wasnt tweaked for the bluebox/fluxbox style differences.. SO .. SowWn this ones all yours. 
Shell bluebox
Style primary by thewayofzen
Wallpaper captain america something at 

thewayofzen all that fuss and i forgot to attach the freakin style.. im gonna talk to snkmchnb and see if he can add it later.
snkmchnb no prob, thewayofzen, i'll upload it when i get in tonight.
doctorfrog i like it. you managed to capture both the jingoism of old captain america and the nu-comic broodingness of the new captain america.
freeb0rn be gay with me.
thewayofzen the funniest thing is that i did this style without the wall and just kinda combined them this morning. the original style was just a bored attempt at playing with reds and blues.
snkmchnb well you did a beautiful job!
Inauro Stylish stuff, Zen.
qwilk ARGH!!! The default bsetroot hurt my eyes!!!!!!! :P ...really nice style though, but I need a lazy link for the wallpaper ;)
qwilk Slight correction: The original bsetroot does not seem to appreciate re-ordering of the fg and bg values. That's pretty lame. We (or someone) should've noticed that before. Hmm.
thewayofzen qwilk: i dont use the bsetroot that comes with the xoblite bb2 package.. it stinks. i use a beta version i found somewhere.. try linkfor the wall..
ser VI What I nice wall and style. Really looks good
thewayofzen thanks everyone.. it means a when some of the people i really look up to in the community take the time to say ANYTHING about my work.
Opietheripper Seeing as I am a comic book geek. I really love this one. I am in the process of viewing your catalog. I really enjoy this one the most (so far) and RIP Captain America.

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