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hollowpoint :: auto User auto
I'm back! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style hollowpoint 

Pitkon Welcome back, auto - and with a simply excellent, elegant style... Would like some info on the wall, tho...
auto The name of the wall is africanight_1600.jpg
, I am nearly certain I got it at linkI did however recolor it myself to this blue color.
Pitkon Perfect match... Thanx for the link :)
crowmag Nice looking style auto, and the wall's color is almost a dead match for my clearlooks style, I could use it on one of my workspaces as an alternate :)
qwilk *gasp*'s... it's... BBLEAN!!! ;)
auto You know I love me some xoblite but I cant do without the flux like tasks....
auto Thanks to all the people who emailed me to welcome me back, here is the style as requested -> link

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