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Maui :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Wish I new who did the wall... I got it from devart, don't remember the artist's name... Otherwise I would ask for permission to include it in a zip file. If anyone knows, pls let me know... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Maui by pitkon (,,
Wallpaper Golden Maui 

snkmchnb the colors and gradients are excellent, great work!
Pitkon Thanx, snk, I appreciate it :)
T. Eastrup The Wall is called "Golden Maui" made by by ~stotty and can be found at the following link: link
Pitkon YES, I remember now. Thanx so much, T. Eastrup, I owe u one... How did u know, btw?
T. Eastrup It was really simple. I just went to deviantart and typed "Maui" in the search function. A lot came up but fotunetaly it was one off the first ones.
Pitkon Lol... U r much more patient than me. I didn't even think of trying the Search option on devart. I had tried many times in the past, it was useless. I still owe u one... :D
punkboy Nice work. It is just the change I needed. It is colorful without being obnoxious. Great job!
cthu1hu Love the colors
Pitkon punkboy: Glad u like it, thanx! cthu1hu: Thanx, my friend :) The colors of the wall was the first thing that made me author the style...

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