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minimalist :: oldskull User oldskull
I will release this style soon with few other color.
This style base on 4impressions nano suites.

Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style ...will release this soon! 

auto Nice job, I have been meaning to make a style for this wall but haven't got around to it.
snkmchnb very nicely done, oldskull!
tech10171968 I'm impressed - nice wall! BTW, what are you using for the weather data (which bblean plugin)?
freeb0rn looks like samurize to me
Pitkon Hey, oldskull, so good to see u again - and with a great style, too :)
captain very nice style... wish i could find that font though, i cant seem to get it anywhere... i also forget the name of it
oldskull thanks guys, i will release this with other color when its done. The font is Swis721 Cn BT D-Type. I am using avedesk with sysstats installed for those weather, cpu and timezone.
sMs cool oldskull is back =) one question can u change that font from normal style to bold style?
captain could you possibly point me to where i might obtain that font or maybe zip it up and email it? it would be greatly appreciated.
Pitkon sMs and captain: The font costs around $25 and, of course, is available in bold. A google search will turn up sites from which u can buy or whatever :)

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