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shannyn_01 :: blockhead User blockhead
OK. I found this realllly nice wallpaper over at and *had* to make a style for it Style is shown here running on bblean on my Windows system but it also works in fluxbox (on linux). Wallpaper is from somehwere in the Shannyn Sossamon section of
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style shannyn_01 by pcc aka blockhead
Wallpaper ShanniiSossa_03_1024.jpg 

freeb0rn this is hot
elricfate this is very hawt. :-D
wickedlester real nice blockhead!
Pitkon Simply excellent combination!
snkmchnb this is nice. i really like the black/grey but the white is killing me.
Theo nice.. nice use of colors.. really like the contrast.. :)

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